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Travel advice for your Spain holiday


Must haves for your Spanish vacation

Spain is one of the most popular European vacation destinations, boasting some of the continent's most diverse climate, vast geographical range and historical cities famous for their unique architecture. Differences in altitude, such as between the wide southern lowlands of Andalusia and the high Sierra Nevada, as well as the contrast between coastal areas and the interior of the country give Spain a huge range of climatic and weather conditions. In summer, most of the country is reliably hot and sunny and coastal areas stay mild even in winter, but the mountain ranges further inland frequently experience cold and snowy conditions, perfect for skiing and other winter sports.

Top 5 items you wouldn't need in Spain

1. Food

Spain boasts a fantastic array of both national and local dishes, usually quite light with a lot of vegetables and a huge variety of meat and fish, but there is also plenty of non-Spanish cuisine on offer.

2. Stress

The Spanish lifestyle is renowned for being laid back and relaxed, as epitomized by the `mañana mañana` syndrome (meaning `tomorrow, tomorrow`). Outside of the cities most commercial activities will come to a halt between 2pm and 5pm for `siesta` and the great majority of shops even in larger cities will close for at least a couple of hours.

3. A light sleep

Spanish cities never sleep and can be loud all through the night, especially on weekends.

4. A mobile phone

A convenient alternative to racking up huge bills on your mobile phone is to use call-through services such as Chollofon or Reducitel. By dialing an access number before the number you wish to call you can have access to cheap international rates, such as US and most European countries for around 2ct/min.

5. A suitcase full of warm clothes

Unless you are going skiing in deepest winter, Spain boasts reliably warm weather for most of the year, allowing you to pack lightly.

Top 5 items you would need in Spain

1. A camera

From snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches, local traditions and international city favorites such as Barcelona and Madrid, Spain has everything that is necessary for some truly memorable holiday snaps.

2. A car

With so much to see and relatively patchy public transport services in more rural areas, a rental car is certainly the best way to travel around Spain. It is advisable to get a good idea of car rental comparison prices in advance, so that you can plan your route from city to city efficiently and ensure that you keep costs to a minimum.

3. Swimming gear

Spain abounds with exotic sandy beaches, both for the seasoned beach holiday tourist and the hitchhiking traveller in search of beautiful, lonely coves.

4. A phrasebook

Although many local people speak several European languages, Spain is home to a wide range of dialects including Catalan, Galician and Basque. Attempting a few words in the respective languages in areas you are travelling through will certainly help endear you to the locals.

5. Euros

Spain is part of the European Union and the Eurozone and consequently it replaced Spanish Pesetas with the Euro in 2002. Do not generally expect stores to accept other types of currency, or to be willing to exchange currency.


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